Billion Responsive Redesign to Reach 1,000,000,000 Acts of Peace

Billion Acts believes in world peace through thoughtful action in your community, school, organization or business.


Increase number of people posting acts of peace to website. 

My Role

As Project Co-lead, I worked on various end to end aspects of the redesign, including, UX research, user testing, sketching, lofi and midfi wire-framing. The team worked in two week design sprints; I managed delegation of tasks and coordination with client; assigned sub-teams for each section of the proposed scope (Landing page, Onboarding, and Act submission)

Why and How to Post an Act

To guide our strategy and pinpoint areas of improvement, the team conducted user testing and interviews.   Based on the following research, our aim was to develop a frictionless flow from signing up through posting act.

  • Show value proposition for both individual and network partner participants on landing page.
  • Make the navigation more relevant  
  • Eliminate any confusion to onboard both Network partner and Individuals
  • Shorten and clarify instructions for act submission

Understanding Value on Landing Page

The users for this website could potentially be anyone in the world, from teenagers learning about the values of charity to companies wanting to give back to their community.

Because of this, we needed to make the landing page to reflect value for all types of users. 

Sign up for Both User Categories

The task flows allowed the team to understand how the landing page could lead to signing up and creating an act of peace

  • Create a clear flow for both individual and network partner
  • Guide user - provide direction and transparency with popup modals, hints, steppers, and emails
  • Show value prop & instructions to network partners in order to onboard
  • Shorten both individual and network partner form.

Submitting an Act of Peace

Currently, creating an act of peace required multiple steps and was not obvious to get to, as observed with users during our testing.  Additionally, they also wanted to see example acts prior to posting an act themselves. The current website shows acts of peace on separate pages.

The team solved for this by

  • Making it explicit on the landing page where and how to create an act
  • Adding examples of acts on the landing page as well as the act page.
  • creating a shortened pop out menu.


Working with a wide range of users with various and finding an optimized solution needs can be challenging.  However, through this project I realized how much I love working to find design solutions for global needs.

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